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Our mission is to provide a more natural way to help you maintain a healthy urinary tract. Backed by science, our supplements are designed by a board certified urologist who already recommends these natural ingredients to their patients. We take a more modern approach with all-in-one solutions that simplify UT health for everyday life. This is more than just cranberry—everything we formulate is a premium blend of ingredients that are safe and non-toxic with results you can feel. A healthy urinary tract system means less disruptions and sensitivities of the bladder. When it comes to wellness, we go below the belt.


The concept and cadence behind Yoori is modern— normalizing the conversations around urinary tract health and sexual wellness. We explore the essentials with a scientific, inclusive approach.


We are powered by people and the planet in our pursuit to create products that are more impactful. That’s why we take sustainability seriously—choosing clean ingredients and earth-friendly packaging that’s safer for everyone.