UTI Myths and Misconceptions

Let's Separate the Myths from the Facts

Things you may have thought about urinary tract health that are totally wrong. Let’s get the facts straight.


Myth: UTI's are caused by poor hygiene

If you've ever had a UTI, you might be familiar with the dreaded "are you sure you're not just dirty?" comment.

Don't worry—it's a myth. Getting a UTI doesn't mean anything about your hygiene habits. It just means that, unfortunately, you may be more prone to them.  But UTIs are really common—one in two women will get one at some point in their lives. 


Myth: We've all heard it: "You can only get a UTI if you are sexually active”

Fact: That's just not true.UTIs are caused by bacteria infecting the urinary system. Although sexual intercourse can increase the risk of getting a UTI, there are many other known ways to get a UTI. For example, the infection can also be caused by douching or having poorly controlled diabetes. Sometimes, the trigger for a UTI is unknown. 


Myth: UTI’s go away on their own

Fact: Untreated UTI’s  can sometimes develop into a very serious infection. Remember to consult your physician if you’re experiencing symptoms.  


Myth: Urine smell and odor is clear sign of a UTI

Fact: Believe it or not, studies have found that the clarity and smell of urine aren't accurate indicators of whether you have a urinary tract infection, or not. The reason is that your urine smell/appearance can depend on how much water you drink and what kind of foods you've eaten.

With the amount of information available online, facts and myths seem to blend. Make sure to always research, consult your physician, and listen to your body. If you aren’t currently experiencing symptoms and want a holistic approach to your below-the-belt health shop our daily wellness supplement today! 

Stay on Tract!